Oasis Agile Learning Center

A Self-Directed Education Community for Teens

We support home school families with Middle and High School age students. We provide an environment for liberated learning where personal growth flourishes when directed by the learner’s individual interests and talents. We utilize Agile Learning Tools to help students design, map, and evaluate their own educational journey. Social responsibility emerges from intentionally designed and ever evolving culture which results in a community of diverse people of multi-ages practicing consent, conscious communication, and intention.


Humans are natural learners. When children get to follow their passions, they engage deeply,
learn more quickly, and create organically.
Basic skills are encountered and mastered as needed along the journey a learner sets for themselves.

Intentional Culture

In an ALC community learners feel they are heard, they belong, and they make a difference. As social creatures, we thrive in this kind of vibrant community which builds our confidence,
heightens our communication skills,
and calls forth our best selves.

Agile Management Tools

At Oasis ALC we use practical and concrete tools to make our lofty-sounding ideals real and reliable. These tools and practices provide visible feedback, effective self-management, clarity of purpose, and easy integration of new patterns as needs change.